Wedding Balloon Decorations

champange balloons 150x150 Wedding Balloon DecorationsUsing balloons in your centrepieces can be a practical and inexpensive way to create the effect you want.  Balloons provide reliable, consistent effect, and can be prepared in advance, an advantage over live flowers.  They can also be added to floral arrangements to introduce a color not easily available (for example blue), or to create a bigger display than you can afford in all flowers.  Helium filled balloons floating above a floral centrepiece can give height to the arrangement without interrupting your guests’ view across the table – connect them with a couple of pieces of ribbon or with fishing line if you want them to appear to float magically.beaucoup themed lollipops 250 150x150 Wedding Balloon Decorations

Small or curled balloons can be used in a centrepiece instead of flowers and mixed with other things to add to the display.  Look for large lollipops in colors to coordinate with your wedding color scheme and bunch these favors with balloons in gift bags to create a unique centrepiece.  Large feathers or leaves could be used with balloons to create striking displays that mimic fruit or flowers.  Use crepe paper flowers tucked amongst miniature balloons to emphasize the home-made nature of your centrepieces.

wedding balloon decorations hot air balloon 150x150 Wedding Balloon DecorationsAround the World in Eighty Days

In 1872 Jules Verne wrote a ground-breaking adventure story called Around the World in Eighty Days.  His hero made a bet that he could travel around the world in eighty days and the story is about his attempt – travelling though Egypt, India, Asia and America in various forms of transport – train, steamship and elephant being some of them.  The book has been turned into a movie a number of times, the most famous being made in 1956 and featuring a dramatic balloon trip (not in the original book).map and compass 150x150 Wedding Balloon Decorations

It is this story that provides the inspiration for this wedding balloon theme.  Set in Victorian times, the dress and decor of the time is elegant and romantic.  Dusky blues, rich reds, forest green and gold are all colors that evoke the era.  The hot air balloons of the time were novelties and elaborately decorated.  Inspiration for decorating can be drawn from their gentle shape, swathed balloons, colored silk and wicker baskets.  Other objects from travel at the time may also provide ideas for stationery, favors and table decorations.  Intricately illustrated maps of the world are a romantic reminder of days when holidays were counted in weeks, not days.  Compasses, luggage labels and trunks all suggest adventure and exotic places.


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